I help entrepreneurs overcome their lack of confidence

so they can build their networks and businesses faster

What I can do for you:


I'll get straight to the point... I can help you overcome your lack of confidence through my one on one coaching.


What this will do for you:


If you cannot overcome your lack of confidence, you simply cannot build your business or expand your network. I can help you move from fear to confidence, so you can build the business and lifestyle you aspire toward.


What makes me different:


I don't just focus on external confidence, like how you stand, dress, and talk (though we will cover these). My system begins with inner confidence, developing the beliefs, convictions, and mental strength to get you through anything. Best of all, what I do is so simple and proven that it has worked with even my shyest clients.

Jordan Apodaca

Confidence Coach

The first 20+ years of life were marked by these two traits:

(1) I was incredibly ambitious. I always knew I could change the world. Not one of my friends had more drive than me.

(2) And yet, I was extremely self-conscious and insecure. I saw myself as an embarrassment. (Don't get me started about the voices telling me I was a failure!) I used to carry this weight in my chest that I was some sort of cosmic disappointment.

I knew I could do so much more. Be so much more!

Maybe you're in the same spot. Massive ambition. High standards. You're this close to unleashing your full potential.

I can help you if you let me.

Just like I helped them:




Is the "freedom call" just a sales pitch?

Not at all!


The purpose of the freedom call is to figure out exactly what your next step toward freedom and confidence is. If you and I are a good fit, we can talk about my coaching services if you want.

But if we're not a good fit, I'll let you know. I only take on clients I'm 100% confident I can help.

Is your coaching expensive?

No, and I have multiple options. But you know what is expensive? Living a life of guilt, shame, and fear. Confident people enjoy life more, make more money, and are more spiritually fulfilled.

If you have any more questions, or if you know you're ready to build a life of confidence and freedom, book your 15 minute Freedom Call now.