I help those escaping fundamentalism to overcome guilt and shame, live with confidence, and to realize their massive potential.

Guilt. Fear. Shame.

Deep down, you are confident.

You are free.

You are powerful.

You are loved.

You are enough.

But one way or another, fundamentalism has told you a different story.

A story of guilt, fear, and shame.

You don't believe the story.

But it still controls your narrative.

It's about damn time you move on.

Jordan Apodaca

Confidence Coach

I grew up in a Christian home. My family loved me. But I was told things about God, the world, and myself that produced immense guilt, fear, and shame in me.

Today I am still a deeply spiritual person. But I have broken free from the guilt and shame. I now live in total freedom and confidence.

So can you.




Is the "freedom call" just a sales pitch?

Not at all!


The purpose of the freedom call is to figure out exactly what your next step toward freedom and confidence is. If you and I are a good fit, we can talk about my coaching services if you want.


But if not, I'll let you know. I only take on clients I'm 100% confident I can help.

Is your coaching expensive?

No. But you know what is expensive? Living a life of guilt, shame, and fear. Confident people enjoy life more, make more money, and are more spiritually fulfilled.

If you have any more questions, or if you know you're ready to build a life of confidence and freedom, book your 15 minute Freedom Call now.